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How Great Our Joy

Words: German carol
Tune: JUNGST, German melody, arranged by Hugo R. Jungst (1853-1923), circa 1890
Key signature: C major (no sharps or flats)
Time signature: 2/4
Meter: irregular
Public Domain
1. While by the sheep we watched at night, Glad tidings brought an angel bright.
Refrain: How great our joy! Great our joy! Joy, joy, joy! Joy, joy, joy! Praise we the Lord in heaven on high! Praise we the Lord in heaven on high!
2. There shall be born, so he did say, In Bethlehem a Child today.
3. There shall the Child lie in a stall, This Child who shall redeem us all.
4. This gift of God we’ll cherish well, That ever joy our hearts shall fill.