Digital Orders of Service

Sheet Music for the Congregation

Online services, projectors, and updated tunes have introduced new challenges to congregational singing. Mobile Hymns is here to help every visitor, streamer, or parts singer confidently participate.

Every person attending or streaming your services can view mobile-friendly sheet music (in 4 sizes) to any the songs used during the services (even songs under copyright).

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What You Get

𝄢 A church landing page with a service listing. After a one-time confirmation of affiliation, users can select the service or list to view. The landing page address can be a short ID, like XYZChurch. For example,

𝄢 Service outlines with links to sheet music, Bible passages, announcements, sermon outlines, etc. (See XYZChurch)
When your service schedule is ready, email it to Mobile Hymns to post. Service schedules are posted as little as an hour. For guaranteed song availability, 48-hours is recommended.

𝄢 Mobile-friendly sheet music with swipe navigation that looks great on any device. Swipe left and right to navigate the list.

𝄢 Guaranteed song availability — any song you have permission to use (via hymnals, sheet music purchases, or CCLI) will be available during the service. 48-hours lead time is recommended. Mobile Hymns reserves the right to exclude songs outside of evangelical Christianity.

𝄢 Any format you need: 4 sheet music sizes, PowerPoint slides with sheet music, Printable PDF's, Audio playback with variable speed, and text song information

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Bridge the Accessibility Gap

Music for all — vision impaired, parts singers, hallway ushers, nursery workers, children, wheelchair assisted people, visitors, and online streamers.
Go paperless for your next small group, retreat, or Bible study!

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