Digital Orders of Services

Sheet Music for the Congregation

Sign up digital orders of services to share sheet music with everyone in your church or organization. Any person attending or streaming can view mobile-friendly sheet music for the service (even songs under copyright).

Mobile hymns improves accessibility for vision impaired, parts singers, hallway ushers, nursery workers, children, wheelchair assisted people, visitors, and online streamers.

Create a list for your next small group, retreat, camp, assisted living ministry, or Bible study.

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What You Get

𝄢 Mobile access to a church landing page with a list of services. Users confirm their affiliation (one time) then select a list. The landing page address can be a short ID, like XYZChurch. For example,

𝄢 Orders of Services with sheet music, Bible passages, announcements, sermon outlines, and any other service elements. (See XYZChurch)

𝄢 Resizeable sheet music with swipe navigation.

𝄢 Guaranteed song availability — any song you have permission to use will be available during the service*.

𝄢 Any format you need: 4 sheet music sizes, PowerPoint slides with sheet music, Printable PDF's, Audio playback with variable speed, and text song information*.

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Pricing Plans



Per year

  • Weekly schedules
  • 12 free requests
  • $1 per additional request*
  • $5 per expedited request
  • * Automatic upgrade to Standard Plan after 25th excess request.
  • See plan details


Per year

  • Weekly schedules
  • 52 free requests
  • $1 per additional request
  • $5 per expedited request
  • See plan details


Per year

  • Weekly schedules
  • 52 free requests
  • $1 per additional request
  • Free 2-day expedited requests
  • $5 per 1-day expedited request
  • See plan details


Per year

  • Song Hosting
  • Access Control
  • $1 song addition fee
  • $5 full-service song addition

Plan Details

𝄢 Plans provide access to songs the organization has acquired permission to use via hymnals, sheet music purchases, or CCLI.
𝄢 Requests: A song that is not currently available or needs to be modified (e.g., key, lyrics, chords, or PowerPoint changes) is a request and should be submitted at least 2 days in advance. For Sunday services, special requests should be submitted before noon EST Friday.
𝄢 Expedited Requests: requests submitted less than 2 days in advanced are expedited and may include additional fees.
𝄢 While posting can be completed in as little as an hour, orders of services with no requests should be submitted 12 hours in advance to allow time for processing.
𝄢 Automatic Upgrade: After 25 excess requests are charged to a Basic plan, it is automatically upgraded to the Standard plan for the remainder of the billing year.

𝄢 Plans are billed annually, and additional fees are billed quarterly.
𝄢 Resources for protected songs (e.g., PowerPoint slides, PDF's, and lyrics) are not posted online and will be sent directly to the organization.
𝄢 Plans cover up to 3 orders of services per week, as well as special events.
𝄢 Mobile Hymns reserves the right to exclude songs outside of evangelical Christianity.

𝄢 Artists: song additions should include a digital score in MuseScore or other compatible formats. Any additions in non-compatible formats are considered full-service song addition and will incur additional fees.

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