Privacy Policy

"Whoever goes about slandering reveals secrets, but he who is trustworthy in spirit keeps a thing covered." (Proverbs 11:13).

  1. Size Cookies

    Your preferred sheet music size is tracked by a cookie that is not reported or shared.
  2. Organization Access

    Your confirmed church affiliation is tracked by a cookie to allow access to songs under copyright. For both app or the web site users, the following information is tracked when accessing organizational lists: device information (type and IP address), frequencies of access, and most recent access times. This information is used to thwart unauthorized access to copyrighted information and to inform subscribers about how their members are benefitting from the service.
  3. Android App users' access to publicly-available content is not tracked.

    When app users access sheet music, audio, text, PowerPoint slides, or PDF's for publicly-available songs (public domain or songs made publicly available by permission), nothing about them or their devices is tracked in any way by the app.
  4. Searches and errors are logged.

    When app users and website visitors land on an error page or search for a song, the search target is logged, along with device information (type and IP address).
  5. Web resource usage is tracked.

    The web host tracks basic, anonymous usage information for each web page.
  6. Android tracks app purchases.

    Android provides the developer with anonymous purchase receipts including city, date, and amount paid.
  7. Android tracks basic app statistics.

    Android provides the developer with a tally of the number of countries, languages, device types, and app versions that are newly installed, currently installed, and newly uninstalled.