What is Mobile Hymns?

PDF vs. Mobile Hymns sheet music

Sheet music for the congregation: legible. audible. mobile.

Large, comfortable fonts

4 sizes to suit eyes of any age

Fast Search

Faster and easier to use than a hymnal

Any Format

Sheet music for over 600 hymns in 4 sizes, as PowerPoint slides, PDF, and MP3 audio, as well as text lyrics

While the transition to the digital age has brought helpful advancements to the church, we are committed to retaining the best of the historical church traditions. Mobile Hymns was created to preserve the centuries of hymnary that believers have turned to for worship, encouragement, and harmony. It is our desire to preserve this rich history and make accessible to future generations.

Yes! With caching for offline access, hands-free auto-scrolling, hours of hymn radio, bookmarks, and history, the Android app takes Mobile Hymns to the next level.

Don’t have Android? The web app for iPhone has many great features, like audio playback, 4 sizes, swipe navigation, and jump to top.

Mobile Hymns is compatible with CCLI numbers and hymnals. When your church subscribes to digital orders of services, you can see sheet music for songs under copyright during services. Certain restrictions apply.

Absolutely! No matter your church size, Mobile Hymns’ digital orders of services are affordable, versatile, reduce printing, and expand your song selection. Digital sheet music is excellent for singers who prefer harmony, children, vision impaired, ushers, visitors, and online streamers. Online event lists reduce printing for worship services, retreats, caroling, nursing home ministries, and camps. Try them free for a month. Pricing plans start at $50/year for an entire congregation.

Songs are organized into 8 sections: Divine nature, Christmas, the Life of Christ, Salvation, Christian Life, God’s care, Praise and Thanksgiving, and Special occasions.

Request a song or correction, get a trial subscription for your church, get on the mailing list, give feedback, or volunteer from the contact page. Expect a reply within 3 business days.

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