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Foom, Foom, Foom

Tune: FUM, FUM, FUM Traditional Catalonian Carol
Key signature: A minor (No sharps or flats)
Time signature: 2/4
Meter: Irregular
Public Domain
Chords are available in the PDF and in small-print modes.
1. On December five and twenty, Foom, foom, foom! On December five and twenty Foom, foom, foom! For the love of us is giv’n The holy Infant, Son of heav’n, Of the virgin, Joseph’s bride, To all the earth good will betiding, Foom, foom, foom!
2. Little birds from out the forest, Foom, foom, foom! Little birds from out the forest Foom, foom, foom! All your fledglings leave behind, And seek the infant Savior kind. Come, and build a downy nest To warm the lovely Baby blessed, Foom, foom, foom!
3. Little stars up in the heavens Foom, foom, foom! Little stars up in the heavens, Foom, foom, foom! If you see the Baby cry, O, do not answer with a sigh! Rather lighten up the sky With heavn’s beams of radiant brightness, Foom, foom, foom!