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You Are Always Good

Words by Chris Anderson
Tune: CHLOE by Jonathan Hamilton
Key signature: D major (2 sharps)
Time signature: 4/4
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Looking back, I can see Your fingerprints Upon my life, always seeking my best. There were times when Your way would make no sense, But as You said, You have never left.
Refrain: You are always good, You are only good; You are always good to me. Though my eyes can’t see, help my heart believe You are always, only good.
Looking in, I can see my frailty; My sin is great, and my strength is so small. Still You stay, and Your mercy shelters me; You hold my hand, and You hear my call.
Looking up, I can see Your sympathy; I doubt myself, but I’m sure of Your love. Lavish grace was poured out at Calvary, Securing me for our home above.