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We Will Follow

Words by Chris Anderson
Tune: MATHETES by Greg Habegger
Key signature: D flat major (5 flats)
Time signature: 4/4
In honor of our Pastor-Teacher, Timothy Senn, with much gratitude for his two decades of expository preaching, faithful shepherding, and disciple-making at The Bible Church of Little Rock.
© 2017 Church Works Media. All rights reserved.
1. Christ invites the undeserving: “Leave your nets and follow Me.” Watching, hearing, loving, serving— Slaves of Christ are truly free.
Refrain: “We will follow!” Rise up and say, “We will follow our Lord! To the end of the world and age. We will follow Christ our Lord!”
2. Christ has called the church to suffer “Take your cross and follow Me.” Lose your life, your home, your brother— Gain them for eternity!
3. Christ has sent us to the nations: “Call the lost to follow Me.” Reach the sinner; preach salvation; Teach the things you’ve heard and seen.
4. Christ will summon His disciples From His throne beyond the skies: “You have followed Me through trials; Follow Me to paradise.”