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'Tis Marvelous and Wonderful

Words by Leila Naylor Morris (1862-1029), 1919
Tune: TIS MARVELOUS AND WONDERFUL by Leila Naylor Morris (1862-1029)
Key signature: B flat major (2 flats)
Time signature: 6/8
Meter: with Refrain
Public Domain
1. The Savior has come in His mighty pow’r, And spoken peace to my soul; And all of my life from that very hour I’ve yielded to His control, I’ve yielded to His control.
Refrain: Wonderful, wonderful, Marvelous and wonderful, What He has done for my soul! The half has never been told; Oh, it is wonderful! It is marvelous and wonderful, What Jesus has done for this soul of mine! The half has never been told.
2. ’Twas only a foretaste of joys divine In Canaan waiting for me, Where sweetest of honey and milk and wine Were dripping from ev’ry tree, Were dripping from ev’ry tree.
3. From glory to glory He leads me on, From grace to grace ev’ry day; And brighter and brighter the glory dawns, While pressing my homeward way, While pressing my homeward way.
4. If fellowship here with my Lord can be So inexpressibly sweet, Oh, what will it be when His face we see, When ’round the bright throne we meet? When ’round the bright throne we meet?