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Lyrics and Information

The Word of the Lord

Words and music by Lisa Rushing
Key signature: G major (1 sharp)
Time signature: 4/4
Chords are available in small-print versions and in the PDF.
© Copyright 2020 Lisa Rushing.
The Law of God is perfect, the command of God is right. It restores the soul, makes the sinner whole, and great peace have those who love this Law and make it their delight. Nothing causes them to fall.
Refrain: The Word of the Lord is strong and sure. His truth shall forevermore endure. Against what He’s spoken no power prevails; Each promise unbroken His greatness unveils. God's Word never fails. God's Word never fails.
The Word’s a lamp unto our feet, a light to show the way, opens blinded eyes, makes the simple wise. It brings joy to those who follow and it calls to those who stray. It gives hope when storms arise.
Sweeter than honey, more precious than gold, Fountain of wisdom untold, Storehouse of treasures new and old: This is the Word. Breathed out by the Father, incarnate in Christ, Taught as the Spirit gives us light, Profiting every part of life: This is the Word of God.
God's Word never fails.