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The Regions Beyond

Words by Albert B. Simpson (1843-1919)
Tune: THE REGIONS BEYOND by Margaret Mae Simpson (1878-1958)
Key signature: B flat major (2 flats)
Time signature: 4/4
Meter: with Refrain
Public Domain
1. To the regions beyond I must go, I must go Where the story has never been told; To the millions that never have heard of His love, I must tell the sweet story of old.
Refrain: To the regions beyond, I must go, I must go. Till the World, all the world, His salvation shall know.
2. To the hardest of places He calls me to go, Not thinking of comfort or ease; The world may pronounce me a dreamer, a fool, Enough if the Master I please.
3. O ye that are spending your leisure and pow’rs In pleasures so foolish and fond; Awake from your selfishness, folly and sin, And go to the regions beyond.
4. There other “lost sheep” that the Master must bring, And them must the message be told; He sends me to gather them out of all lands, And welcome them back to His fold.