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That Beautiful Name

Words by Jean Perry (1865-1935)
Tune: BEAUTIFUL NAME by Mabel Johnston Camp (187-1937)
Key signature: A flat major (4 flats)
Time signature: 3/4
Meter: Irregular
Public Domain
1. I know of a Name, A beautiful Name, That angels brought down to earth; They whispered it low, One night long ago, To a maiden of lowly birth.
Refrain: That beautiful Name, That beautiful Name, From sin has power to free us! That beautiful Name, That wonderful Name, That matchless Name is Jesus!
2. I know of a Name, A beautiful Name, That unto a Babe was given; The stars glittered bright Throughout that glad night, And angels praised God in heav’n.
3. The One of that Name, My Savior became, My Savior of Calvary; My sins nailed Him there, My burdens He bare. He suffered all this for me.
4. I love that blest Name, That wonderful Name, Made higher than all in heaven; ’Twas whispered, I know, In my heart long ago— To Jesus my life I’ve given.