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On the Jericho Road

Words by Dr. J. J. Maxfield
Music by W. A. Ogden
Key signature: A major (3 sharps)
Time signature: 4/4
Meter: with Refrain
Public Domain
1. On the Jericho road there is service today, For all who are ready to work or to pray; Around us are lying the wounded and dying, And few the Samaritans passing that way.
Refrain: On the Jericho road, leading down, The Levite goes carelessly by, Yet many who journey along that way Are wounded and ready to die.
2. On the Jericho road you will find him today, Your brother who wanders from Jesus away; Oh, wait not tomorrow, his deep cup of sorrow Is brimming and bitter, no longer delay.
3. On the Jericho road many forces combine, To stifle the voice of the Spirit Divine; About us are lying the wounded and dying, Go, brother, and pour in the oil and the wine.