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Lyrics and Information

Words by Charles Wesley (1707-1788), 1739

Tune: AZMON, by Carl G. Gläser (1784-1829), 1828. Arranged by Lowell Mason (1792-1872).
Key signature: A major (3 sharps)
Time signature: 3/2
Public Domain
1. O for a heart to praise my God, A heart from sin set free, A heart that always feels Thy blood So freely shed for me.
2. A heart in every thought renewed And full of love divine, Perfect and right and pure and good, A copy, Lord, of Thine.
3. Thy nature, gracious Lord, impart; Come quickly from above; Write Thy new name upon my heart, Thy new, best name of Love.
Additional stanzas:
4. A heart resigned, submissive, meek, My great Redeemer's throne, Where only Christ is heard to speak, Where Jesus reigns alone.
5. A humble, lowly, contrite, heart, Believing, true and clean, Which neither life nor death can part From Christ who dwells within.
6. Thy tender heart is still the same, And melts at human woe: Jesus, for thee distressed I am, I want Thy love to know.
7. My heart, Thou know'st, can never rest 'Til Thou create my peace; 'Til of mine Eden repossest, From self, and sin, I cease.
8. Fruit of Thy gracious lips, on me Bestow that peace unknown, The hidden manna, and the tree Of life, and the white stone.