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Lord, For the Just Thou Dost Provide

Words by Joseph Addison
Tune: Irish
Key signature: E major (4 sharps)
Public Domain
1. Lord, for the just Thou dost provide, Thou art their sure defence; Eternal Wisdom is their guide, Their help, Omnipotence.
2. Though they through foreign lands should roam, And breathe the tainted air In burning climates, far from home, Yet Thou, their God, art there.
3. Thy goodness sweetens ev’ry soil, makes ev’ry country please; Thou on the snowy hills dost smile, And smooth’st the rugged seas.
4. When waves on waves, to heavuprear’d, Defied the pilots’ art; When terror in each face appear’d, And sorrow in each heart;
5. To Thee I raised my humble prayer, To snatch me from the grave: I found Thine ear not slow to hear, Nor short Thine arm to save.
6. Thou gav’st the word, the winds did cease, The storms obeyed Thy will, The raging sea was hush’d in peace, And ev’ry wave was still.
7. For this, my life, in ev’ry state, A life of praise shall be; And death, when death shall be my fate. Shall join my soul to Thee.