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Jesus Lives! Thy Terrors Now

Words by Christian Furchtegott Gellert; translated by Frances Elizabeth Cox
Tune: ST. ALBINUS by Henry John Gauntlett (1805-1876)
Key signature: C major (no sharps or flats)
Time signature: 2/4
Public Domain
1. Jesus lives! thy terrors now Can, O Death, no more appall us; Jesus lives! by this we know Thou, O Grave, canst not enthrall us. Hallelujah!
2. Jesus lives! henceforth is death But the gate of Life immortal; This shall calm our trembling breath, When we pass its gloomy portal. Hallelujah!
3. Jesus lives! for us He died; Then alone to Jesus living, Pure in heart may we abide, Glory to our Savior giving. Hallelujah!
4. Jesus lives! our hearts know well Naught from us His love shall sever; Life, nor death, nor pow’rs of hell Tear us from His keeping ever. Hallelujah!
5. Jesus lives! to Him the Throne Over all the world is given; We, in spirit with Him one, Rest and reign with Him in heaven. Hallelujah!