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I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go

Words by Mary Brown
Tune: MANCHESTER by Carrie E. Rounsefell, 1894. Public Domain.
Key signature: F major (1 flat)
Meter: with Refrain
Public Domain
1. It may not be on the mountain’s height, Or over the stormy sea; It may not be at the battle’s front, My Lord will have need of me; But if by a still, to small voice He calls, To paths that I do not know, I’ll answer, dear Lord, with my hand in Thine, I’ll go where You want me to go.
Refrain: I’ll go where You want me to go, dear Lord, O’er mountain, or plain, or sea; I’ll say what you want me to say, dear Lord, I’ll be what You want me to be.
2. Perhaps today there are loving words Which Jesus would have me speak; There may be now in the paths of sin, Some wand’rer whom I should seek; O Savior, if Thou wilt be my guide, Though dark and rugged the way, My voice what shall echo Thy message sweet, I’ll say what You want me to say.
3. There’s surely somewhere a lowly place, In earth’s harvest fields so white, Where I may labor through life’s short day, For Jesus the Crucified; So trusting my all Thy tender care, And knowing Thou lovest me, I’ll do Thy will with a heart sincere, I’ll be what You want me to be.