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I Love Thee, I Love Thee

Words and Music From Christian Harmony, by Jeremiah Ingalls, 1805.
Key signature: E flat majors (3 flats)
Time signature: 3/4
Public Domain
Chords are available in the PDF and in small-print modes.
1. I love Thee, I love Thee, I love Thee, my Lord; I love Thee, my Savior, I love Thee, my God: I love Thee, I love Thee, and that Thou dost know; but how much I love Thee my actions will show.
2. I'm happy, I'm happy, oh, wondrous account! My joys are immortal, I stand on the mount: I gaze on my treasure and long to be there, with Jesus and angels and kindred so dear.
3. O Jesus, my Savior, with Thee I am blest, my life and salvation, my joy and my rest: Thy name be my theme, and Thy love be my song; Thy grace shall inspire both my heart and my tongue.
4. O, who's like my Savior? He's Salem's bright King; He smiles and He loves me and helps me to sing: I'll praise Him. I'll praise Him with notes loud and clear, while rivers of pleasure my spirit shall cheer.