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I Am with You

Words by Chris Anderson
Tune: COLONIAL HILLS by Greg Habegger
Key signature: C major (no sharps or flats)
Time signature: 4/4
Dedicated to Colonial Hills Baptist Church of Indianapolis, IN in remembrance of July 27, 2013
© Copyright 2013 churchworksmedia.com. All rights reserved.
1. I am with you, says the Father; Through the floods, I calm and keep. Though the swelling waves surround you, I surround the waters deep. Fear not, loved one; feel My presence. You will never be alone. Trust Me, loved one; you are precious. You are Mine— My very own.
2. I am with you, says the Savior, Even to the age’s end. Never leaving, nor forsaking, I’m your everpresent Friend. Fear not, loved one; hear My comfort: None can pluck you from My hand. Trust Me, loved one; I am constant: None can change what I have planned.
3. I am with you, says the Spirit, There is nowhere you can flee. Neither height nor depth can hide you; Ev’ry place is home to Me. Fear not, loved one; hear My witness: You are God’s own child and heir. Trust Me, loved one; hear my whisper: Deep within you, I am here.
4. Come be with Me, says the Master, Greeting hopeful, homesick eyes. I was with you in your journey; Be with Me in paradise. Fear not, loved one; know My promise; I will surely, quickly come. Trust Me, loved one; know My purpose: I will bring you safely home.