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Holy Spirit, Light Divine

Words by Andrew Reed
Caleb Lynch and Emma Bateman
Key signature: E flat major (3 flats)
Time signature: 3/4
©2019 Cornerstone Baptist Church. Freely reproduce and distribute but do not sell for profit.
1. Holy Spirit, Light Divine, Shine upon this heart of mine. Chase the shades of night away, Turn my darkness into day. Holy Spirit, gently come, Raise me from my fallen state; Fix Your everlasting home In this heart You did create.
2. Holy Spirit, Pow’r Divine, Cleanse this guilty heart of mine; Long has sin without control Held dominion in my soul. Speak Your pard’ning grace to me. Set the burdened sinner free. Lead me to the Lamb of God; Wash me in His precious blood.
3. Holy Spirit, Love Divine, Let Your light within me shine! All y guilty fears remove; Fill me with Your heav’nly love. Take the things of Christ, and show What our Lord for me has done. Help me God the Father know Through His own beloved Son.
4. Holy Spirit, God Divine, Fill anew this heart of mine. Cast down ev’ry idol throne, Reign supreme and reign alone. Let me never from You stray; Keep me in Your Word and way. Aid me, Spirit, in the fight; Guide me through by faith to sight.