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Holy, Mighty, Worthy

Words by Chris Anderson; Music by Greg Habegger
Key signature: A flat major (4 flats)
Time signature: common time – 4/4
© 2006 Church Works Media. All rights reserved.
Chords are available in small-print modes and in the PDF.
1. “Holy, holy, holy!” Seraph choirs extol Thee. Bending wings, they humbly sing, of Thy lofty majesty! Thou alone art holy! Who on earth is like Thee? Grant that we, like Thee may be holy, holy, holy.
2. “Mighty, mighty, mighty!” Sun and stars declare Thee. All creation joins to sing of Thy pow’r and deity! Thou alone art mighty! Naught was made without Thee! Grant that we Thy pow’r may see. Mighty, mighty, mighty.
3. “Worthy, worthy, worthy!” Saints in heav’n exalt Thee. Lamb, once slain, now raised to reign: Savior, Judge and conq-ring King! Thou alone art worthy! All was made to please Thee. Grant that we in heav’n may sing, “Worthy, worthy, worthy!”
4. “Glory, glory, glory!” We, Thy church, adore Thee. Called by grace to bring Thee praise; trophies of Thy pow’r to save! None shall share Thy glory! All shall bow before Thee. Father, Son and Spirit: One! “Glory, glory, glory!”