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God Make My Life a Little Light

Words by Matilda Edwards (1836-1919)
Tune: CAPEL, an English Traditional Tune
Key signature: E flat major (3 flats)
Time signature: 4/4
Public Domain
1. God make my life a little light Within the world to glow; A little flame that burneth bright, Wherever I may go.
2. God make my life a little flow’r That giveth joy to all, Content to bloom in native bow’r, Although the place be small.
3. God make my life a little song That comforteth the sad, That helpeth others to be strong, And makes the singer glad.
4. God make my life a little staff Whereon the weak may rest; That so what health and strength I have May serve my neighbors best.
5. God make my life a little hymn Of tenderness and praise, Of faith, that never waxeth dim, In all His wondrous ways.