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Lyrics and Information

God Has Provided Himself the Lamb

Words and music by Lisa Rushing
Key signature: F major (1 flat)
Time signature: Cut common time – 2/2
© Copyright Lisa Rushing, 2016
One day God said to Abraham, “Take Isaac, your beloved and only son, the promised one, To offer as a sacrifice: on Mt. Moriah’s height shall it be made.” and Abraham obeyed. As they journeyed up the mountain, Isaac said, “My Father, why did we bring the wood and fire but no lamb to sacrifice?” Then answered faithful Abraham, God will provide Himself the lamb.” And on that mount, the God of grace sent them a lamb to die in Isaac’s place.
One day God sent to earth from heaven Jesus His beloved and only Son, the Promised One, To make of Him a sacrifice: a demonstration of His love and grace to Adam’s sinful race. On a cross on Calv’ry’s mountain, Jesus bore our sin and shame that all those who trust Him only might find pardon through His name. For as He showed to Abraham, God would provide Himself the Lamb. On Calv’ry’s mount, the God of grace sent us a Lamb to die and take our place.
Precious Lamb, Spotless Lamb, fully God and fully man— On Calv’ry’s Mount the God of grace Himself became the Lamb to take our place. God has provided Himself the Lamb!