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Constantly Abiding

Words by Anne S. Murphy (1877-1942), 1908
Tune: CONSTANTLY ABIDING by Anne S. Murphy (1877-1942), 1908
Key signature: D major (2 sharps)
Time signature: 3/4
Meter: with Refrain
Public Domain
1. There’s a peace in my heart that the world never gave, A peace it cannot take away; Though the trials of life may surround like a cloud, I’ve a peace that has come here to stay!
Refain: Constantly abiding, Jesus is mine; Constantly abiding, rapture divine; He never leaves me lonely, whispers, oh, so kind: “I will never leave thee,” Jesus is mine.
2. All the world seemed to sing of a Savior and King, When peace sweetly came to my heart; Troubles all fled away and my night turned to day, Blessed Jesus, how glorious Thou art!
3. This treasure I have in a temple of clay, While here on His footstool I roam; But He’s coming to take me some glorious day, Over there to my heavenly home!