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Come Quickly, Lord

Words by Chris Anderson
Tune by Greg Habegger
Key signature: C major (no sharps or flats)
Meter: with Refrain
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1. Creation groans beneath the curse— Rebellion’s just reward. We long to see the fall reversed And Eden’s joys restored. Make all things new! Redeem the church, Your bride, With longing eyes we look for You, For home is at Your side!
2. So weary of our trait’rous flesh— Of sin we hate, yet crave— We yearn to see temptation’s death, Indwelling sin’s dark grave.
3. We want to hear the joyous cries And join the ransomed throng; “The Lamb is worthy praise!” will rise From ev’ry tribe and tongue!
4. We joy to fix our gaze on Christ, Though now our view is dim. We long for heaven’s grandest prize? To see and be like Him.