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Christ the Lord is Risen

Words by Isaac Watts (1674-1748), 1709
Tune: CHRIST THE LORD IS RISEN a German tune arranged by Geoffrey Shaw
Key signature: B flat major (2 flats)
Time signature: 3/4
Public Domain
1. Christ the Lord is risen! Now is the hour of darkness past; Christ hath assumed His reigning power. Behold the great accuser cast Down from the skies, to rise no more: Alleluia, alleluia.
2. Christ the Lord is risen! ’Twas by Thy blood, immortal Lamb, Thine armies trod the tempter down; ’Twas by Thy word and powerful name They gained the battle and renown: Alleluia, alleluia.
3. Christ the Lord is risen! Rejoice, ye heavens! let ev’ry star Shine with new glories round the sky! Saints, while ye sing the heav’nly war, Raise your Redeemer’s name on high! Alleluia, alleluia.