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Lyrics and Information

Christ Is Sufficient

Words by Chris Anderson
Greg Habegger
Key signature: F major (1 flat)
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1. Nothing I’ve done could merit God’s grace; Nothing I’ll do can take it away. I have one hope in life and death; I have been clothed in Christ’s righteousness!
Refrain: Christ is sufficient! His work is finished! He is my faith’s Author and End; Christ is enough— my Savior and Friend.
2. Nothing remains since Jesus has died; Justice was paid— the Judge satisfied. Great is my sin; greater His love; I have been cleansed with Calvary‘s blood!
3. Nothing I’ve sought on earth satisfies; I was designed to thirst after Christ. Beckoned by Him, “Drink and be filled.” I am content, yet yearn for Him still.
4. Nothing but Christ can undo the Fall; He will return to reign over all. Come to us, Lord; right ev’ry wrong. Soon the redeemed will join heaven’s song: