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Change Your Church, O God

Words by John Dalles
Tune: SUBER ROAD by Dan Forrest
Key signature: E flat major (3 flats)
Time signature: Common time – 4/4
© 2008 Forrest Works. Text used by permission of John Dalles. All rights reserved. Contact the composer for use beyond congregational singing.
1. Change Your church, O God to be More the church you long to see, More the people You have claimed, More the children You have named! Change Your church! Renew us, Lord, Till we all reflect You Word! Make of us a shining light Ever pleasing in Your sight!
2. Give Your church the pow'r to be Joined in true community! Make us one, in praise in prayer; One, the news of Christ to share; One in Spirit; one in faith; One, united by Your grace! Give your church, O God the will Our high calling to fulfill!
3. Change Your church, God make us one, In the image of Your Son! Make Your Church alive, aflame, As the Gospel we proclaim! Our old ways, O God, subdue; Christ is making all things new! Change Your Church, God make us one, In the image of Your Son!