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Above the Bright Blue

Words by Charles Edward Pollock (1872-1924)
Tune THERE'S A BEAUTIFUL PLACE CALLED HEAVEN by Charles Edward Pollock (1872-1924)
Key signature: A major (3 sharps)
Time signature: 6/8
Meter: with Refrain
Public Domain
1. There’s a beautiful place called Heaven, It is hidden above the bright blue; Where the good, who from earth ties are riven, Live and love an eternity thro’.
Refrain: Above the bright blue, the beautiful blue, Jesus is waiting for me and for you; Heaven is there, not far from our sight, Beautiful city of light;
2. This land of sweet rest awaits us; Some day it will break on our view; ’Tis promised by Christ the Redeemer, To His followers faithful and true.
3. When left His beloved disciples, He said, as He bade them adieu, “I go to prepare you a mansion, And soon I’ll be sending for you.”
4. We know not when He shall call us, Whether soon the glad summons shall be; But know, when we pass o’er the river, The glory of Jesus we’ll see.