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A Prayer

Words by Aaron Walker, 2019
Tune: FOURTH FALLS by Aaron Walker, 2019
Key Signature: C major (no sharps or flats)
Time signature: 6/8
© Copyright Aaron Walker, 2019. Used by permission. Contact mobilehymns.org for information.
1. Oh Lord, I come to Thee drowning In the mud and clay of my sins; They blot my garments and cowering, I plead, “Creator, forgive-Now, my works are darkness and death, But the power of Thy method divine Can transfer the full righteousness Of the soul of Thy Son to mine.”
2. Oh Lord, I come to Thee hurting Under weight this world has laid on; I stumble to the altar, yearning For eagle-wings to take on. I fear I ask past my worth, Then You, my Abba, do say, “My child, have you not yet learned? I give in abundance away.”
3. Oh Lord, I come to Thee doubting. I fear my sins’ stain again; I hear the accuser shouting, “This one his Maker offends, Now let him be cast away,” Then You, my Savior, do show Your hands and your side have paid The debt of life-blood I owed.
Final: And Lord, whenever I fall, My God, still help me to see That mercy, and not judgment calls, It still calls my soul back to Thee.